Defining your identity when ‘everyone is mobility’ #EprMC2

October 24, 2017

“Shaping the future of mobility.” “Mobility solutions for tomorrow.” “Empowering mobility.”

From taglines and hashtags to complete corporate strategies and industry shifts, traditional automotive companies, technology/software providers and manufacturers large and small are entering and positioning themselves in the mobility space. And we can’t forget about the plethora of new startups, partnerships and spinoffs popping up. Even infrastructure companies and city planners are joining the game.

In fact, you could compare it to a gold rush and prospectors trying to stake their claim. But instead of gold, the rush is to find the best, and more important, proven technology that’s able to efficiently and effectivly use the copious amounts of available data.

With everyone claiming to be in the mobility realm, the question becomes: “What does ‘mobility’ actually mean to each of those entities and the industry as a whole?”

Currently, mobility – the ability to move – is referring to the coming age of a truly connected transportation society, which means a lot of companies and technologies can fall within its “definition.” Along with this broad meaning is the rapidly changing industry landscape, as new technologies and new players transform what that term means. No wonder companies are struggling to manage their mobility identity!

Adding to the confusion is that mobility is often used in tandem with other phrases like connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification and smart cities (which encompasses pedestrians, bikers and infrastructure). While these are all related to mobility, they are not the same. Many companies are working on mobility as well as technologies and platforms that advance one or more of these other areas. But it’s critical to correctly identify things for what they are – a horse is a horse, connectivity enables, though is not, mobility.

So, if a company is involved in multiple areas, how does it explain its identity? It’s not something a simple tagline or hashtag can solve, nor something even an overhauled corporate strategy can communicate to important stakeholders. These stakeholders include customers, investors, media, and especially employees. Everyone must be on the same page so that a consistent message is understood and conveyed by all.

Here at Eisbrenner PR, we constantly assist companies map the messaging behind their mobility identities. Throughout our agency’s long history, message creation has always been a valued service we offer clients. Oftentimes, a messaging strategy session is where our relationship with a new client begins. And often, as a company’s goals, priorities and target markets evolve, its messages change as well.

Armed with messages, our team applies its vast knowledge in all aspects of the mobility space to uniquely help clients define and express their identity.

Whether a company has been working in the mobility space for years, or a recent entrant, we can guide them in their custom messaging plan.

Contact us to learn more about how we can craft your unique mobility messaging map.

#EprMC2:  Eisbrenner PR = Mobility Connectivity Communication



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