Looking beyond the headlines

April 26, 2018

Picture this: your company is getting ready to announce a new mobility solution or decisive corporate strategy that reinforces its leadership in the space or enters into a new market. This BIG announcement has been in the works for a long time and you want as much media coverage as possible. You have a list of the “must-have” publications, including all the major automotive outlets. And since this is such BIG news, many influential national publications are on there, too.

Turning to your public relations agency, you proclaim your goal of headlines – lots and lots of headlines.

However, should headlines really be the only focus to make and measure that BIG announcement? While generating news coverage is certainly important, it should not be the only goal, as public relations entails more than earned media (published articles).

At our firm, we utilize the PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) model to approach our outreach efforts and maximize clients’ activities. The PESO model takes content or news, such as a big company announcement, and translates it across four categories:

  • Paid media: purchased placements (ads)
  • Earned media: content that results from pitches (articles)
  • Shared media: content spread via social media (posts)
  • Owned media: content distributed where your audiences look (press releases, blogs, etc.)

By utilizing all four categories, and not just focusing on headlines, you can accomplish several things. First, you get the most out of that one topic by creating a constant and consistent campaign. Second, you can establish your authority and increase credibility on a particular subject, which is important for seeing business results. Finally, you can measure your outreach campaign beyond just the number of headlines to gauge its success.

Of course, the PESO model works when it’s part of a strategy that aligns with a larger business or communication goal. A well-crafted strategy will provide the biggest bang for your buck in your outreach efforts. It will help you determine what to do in each category, in addition to your messaging.

As public relations professionals with a deep knowledge of the mobility industry, Eisbrenner PR  uniquely tailors our PESO model approach to client’s individual needs.

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