Framing proactive communication for technology mishaps #EprMC2

November 16, 2017

New technologies are driving the mobility evolution. But no technology is perfect, and any product or pilot program that goes live can experience an incident—regardless of the cause—that generates provocative news headlines.

This can cause the public, as well as key stakeholders, to lose confidence and incite deeper questions into the product’s reliability and future performance. As competition to develop the best mobility solutions continues to build, the companies behind those new innovations must conduct rigorous testing to prove the capabilities of their emerging technologies.

Eventually, product testing must move out of a secured environment into the real world. For mobility products, that means testing on public roads alongside unpredictable human drivers, pedestrians, bikers and challenging urban obstacles.

Once the technologies go public, the spotlight is on. And any little blip, performance-related or not, can turn into much more. For example, national media outlets were quick to report the story of a self-driving shuttle getting into an accident on its first day operating in Las Vegas last week. Although the accident was deemed to be the fault of a human-piloted delivery truck, which backed into the autonomous shuttle, the news of its involvement in a routine traffic accident sparked huge interest and attention.

Even in secured live ride-and-drive demonstrations, new technologies can perform the correct way and still have an issue with a non-connected environment. This causes companies to have to explain the reason for those hiccups to journalists and other stakeholders present.

In any context, there is a need for companies to swiftly and effectively communicate the reasons for and context behind those technology mishaps.

These are tough, and quite sensitive, communication challenges. Eisbrenner PR is experienced in helping our clients frame the right messaging to tackle these type of complex situations along with providing executive media coaching, media monitoring and analysis, and much more.

Since things move fact when unexpected events occur, it’s best to proactively prepare as much as possible. No company wants to think about technology failing to perform or other incidents that could result in poor publicity. But the reality is they do happen and can be effectively handled when good strategy is in place.

It’s never too earlier to begin the discussion on creating these unique messaging plans. With our vast knowledge of the mobility space, we can assist you in building the foundation for your communication framework. And if you happen to run into a crisis, we can help with that, too.

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