Looking beyond the headlines

April 26, 2018

Picture this: your company is getting ready to announce a new mobility solution or decisive corporate strategy that reinforces its leadership in the space or enters into a new market. This BIG announcement has been in the works for a long time and you want as much media coverage as possible. You have a list […]

Making ‘future’ mobility technologies come to life #EprMC2

January 25, 2018

With so much being written about the next generation of autonomous vehicles, do people really know what self-driving technologies are? The answer seems to be no, according to a recent report published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The report surveyed 450 participants about how semi-autonomous systems worked, and the majority of respondents could not […]

Framing proactive communication for technology mishaps #EprMC2

November 16, 2017

New technologies are driving the mobility evolution. But no technology is perfect, and any product or pilot program that goes live can experience an incident—regardless of the cause—that generates provocative news headlines. This can cause the public, as well as key stakeholders, to lose confidence and incite deeper questions into the product’s reliability and future […]

Defining your identity when ‘everyone is mobility’ #EprMC2

October 24, 2017

“Shaping the future of mobility.” “Mobility solutions for tomorrow.” “Empowering mobility.” From taglines and hashtags to complete corporate strategies and industry shifts, traditional automotive companies, technology/software providers and manufacturers large and small are entering and positioning themselves in the mobility space. And we can’t forget about the plethora of new startups, partnerships and spinoffs popping […]

From information overload to enthusiastic ‘butts in seats’ #EprMC2

October 16, 2017

Let’s be honest. How many presentations have you sat through? Probably a lot. Now, how many do you actually remember so much so that you tell your friends and colleagues about them? Probably not a lot. From conferences to educational seminars, dedicated connected expos to mobility briefings, and electric and smart car expos (not to […]