A behind-the-scenes look at agency life

April 9, 2018

Once you receive your degree, there are many paths you can take within the PR industry. Agency PR is a path I knew I wanted to experience. It not only is a new challenge, but it provides me with endless experiences and opportunities that will help me grow as a PR professional.

I only had non-profit and corporate experience before I began my journey at Eisbrenner Public Relations. But there was something that always enticed me about an agency setting. Here is my insight on what you should know about it.

You work with people who have a variety of skills and specialties. Prior to working in an agency, I expected everyone to have the same PR experience and expertise, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The people I work with come from a variety of fields with a diverse array of strengths and specialties. Having co-workers with different niches allows teams to utilize each other’s strengths and downplay weaknesses. You learn the importance of working together and the positive outcome it has. Master this and your team will be able to handle any task thrown at the agency.

Firms can work together to help with client success. I had no idea firms can and do work together to accomplish a client’s goal.  I’ve heard of several instances when our firm has reached out to a partner with a specific area or region of expertise (and vice versa) to get something done. This shows that the sense of teamwork doesn’t stop in the office, but throughout the entire agency realm. When it comes to identifying partners, we go to our IPREX, a global consortium and partnership of 68 independent public relations firms with 110 offices in 24 countries.

You never know what to expect. One of my favorite things about working in an agency is expecting the unexpected; especially when working with an extensive client list. I never realized how “routine” other career paths can be until I stepped foot in an agency.  Agencies allow you to have a wide range of assignments that may involve you traveling in and out of the office. This has helped me see the importance of staying organized and tracking deadlines. Balancing all this while making sure I am there for team members is something that takes time to achieve, but feels great when accomplished.

This is just a small glimpse of what I’ve learned at an agency. My time here has taught me that I enjoy many aspects of agency, especially working with a skilled team and the unexpected tasks that pop up. I can’t wait to find out what else awaits me as I continue my journey at Eisbrenner Public Relations.


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